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Houston Air Duct Cleaning focuses on good quality and providing the best service experience. We train our technicians to serve our customers in the most professional way. Your health as well as your families health is as important to us as it I to you. This is why we make sure to leave your place as clean as possible so no dust, mold or bacteria will be left behind. Don’t hesitate, you are just a call away from us - (281) 888-0999.

At our company, Houston Air Duct Cleaning, we believe that our customers are part of our family. We do our best job as we would do at our own place. We care about our customers and want the best for them. Our professional air duct cleaning services include everything from a-to-z, whether you only need a basic air duct cleaning or a whole air conditioning system cleaning or even mold treatments and other services - we do it all.

When one of our technicians arrives at your home, you will notice how professional they are, they won’t start the cleaning before they check the entire system, each duct and each part of the A/C unit to make sure they are not missing anything even not the smallest thing. The next step of the technician will be explaining you any issues that he found in the A/C system, and after your approvel to star the job, the technician will star the job and will be done with no hustle from your side. We guarantee our job and barely have any issues after we are done and this is exactly why we keep our line open 24/7 to serve our customers anytime.

It is known that cleaning the air ducts and the whole A/C system in your home is one of the most important cleaning processes. During  the time a lot of dust, dirt, bacteria, mold and more unhealthy things are collected in your air ducts some of these you don't even see or know they exist. The air that you breathe most of the time is the air at your home and this is the air that comes from your air ducts. Breathing any kind of dust, dirt, mold, or bacteria is bad for your and your family’s health. It may cause allergies, breathing problems, asthma and other health problems. To avoid this kind of health problems, it is very important and recommended to call a professional that will take care of cleaning your air ducts and A/C system.

Dirt, dust, mold and bacteria that  are collected in your air ducts clog the air that comes out of it. In addition to the dirty air that comes out of the air vents, it  also prevent from air to flow out of the system freely. In that case, what happens is that  the system works harder and increase your electricity usage which result in a higher electricity bill. It is better to spend money on a professional air duct cleaning technician once a year than spending a lot of money on your electric bill each month. Don’t think twice before having your air ducts cleaned, it is very important for your health and for your pocket.

Let us take care of you, we will do all the hard job for you so you can sleep good at night. We offer many services that will fix any problem you might have with your air ducts and the entire A/C system. We believe that hard job worth anything, this is why we train our technicians to be the best in what they do. We make sure that each person that has a role in our company is the most experienced and professional and takes the best care of our customers. Please, don’t think twice, give us a call today and schedule your next air duct cleaning service with us - (281) 888-0999.

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Breath clean air at your home. No more dirt, mold, bacteria, mildew.

Dryer Vent


Be aware, a clogged or dirty dryer vent might cause fire.

Water Damage & Restoration

Our 24 hour services team is here to assist you in any emergency.

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