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How To Keep Your Houston Air Duct Cleaning Warranty!

August 13, 2020
How To Keep Your Houston Air Duct Cleaning Warranty!

Houston Air duct Cleaning services over 10,000 homes every year, and each and every one of them comes with a state of the art 3 year limited warranty. We field a lot of questions on what that means exactly, and how it benefits you, the home owner. We also come across a lot of confusion on what the warranty is exactly, how to use it, and what all it covers. 

Our warranties are designed to provide you with a labor guarantee so as to give you piece of mind. Each service we perform comes with a 3 year limited warranty which covers the workmanship of what ever service was performed.  you can call us at any time in a three year period for us to come back out and solve any issue related to the initial service. Our warranties are based on the service you had. for instance, if we came out to do a basic air duct cleaning and a year later your AC stops working, you would not be covered as we did not work on your AC unit. However, if your AC ducts develop a leak around one of the seals we re-sealed, then we would come back out and fix it free of charge. 

Each situation is different so we find it best to reach out to us directly in the event you need to activate your warranty. You are eligible to utilize the warranty claim process as much as needed until an issue is specifically resolved. 

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