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Pet Dander in Air Ducts

June 24, 2020
Pet Dander in Air Ducts

Pet In Your Air Ducts 

We love our furry friends but they tend to shed a lot. Hair begins to consume our homes! If you have a pet that sheds often there is a likely chance that fur has gotten caught within your air ducts. Even if you can't visibly see a lot of the fur, it doesn't mean it's not there. Air ducts tend to trap dander and can begin to spread around the house.

What is Dander? 

If you think you may be having an issue with pet dander, give us a call.  Dander is like human dandruff. It is skin flakes that come off of your pet. It is not uncommon for pets not to shed but it is important that your air ducts be clean if they do. If you have a sheddy pet you can automatically assume pet dander is gotten trapped within your ducts.

Air Duct Cleaning And Vent Cover Cleaning 

It is extremely important to have your ducts and your vent covers cleaned. These cover on your air ducts trap a lot of fur and dander and you don't want to breathe that in. Air ducts and vents are perfect hosts for hair and pet dander to begin to accumulate. Houston air duct cleaning professionals will be able to give your air ducts an efficient cleaning for affordable prices. We have been servicing customers in Houston home's for many years and have all of the tools and equipment necessary to guarantee you get the freshest deep air duct clean possible. Call today and schedule your appointment!

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