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Remove Pet Dander and Fur from Air Ducts

February 12, 2021
Remove Pet Dander and Fur from Air Ducts

We love our furry friends, but as everyone knows, they shed. A LOT. When our pets shed, fur gets stuck in the air ducts and HVAC system. This can lead to improper air flow, and cause a severe clog in your ducts. Pet dander is similar to dandruff. As your pet moves around, small bits of skin can get trapped within the ducts. This air then circulates throughout your home and as much as we love our pets, we don’t want to be breathing in their dead skin flakes and fur. Neglecting to clean your air ducts could lead to foul odors, increased energy bill, increased allergens, and more.


Our Houston Air Duct Cleaning professionals are here to remove any pet fur, dander, and other contaminants out from your air ducts. We use efficient and safe equipment that will allow us to give your air ducts the deep clean they deserve. Our services are affordable and reliable, and we guarantee to leave you completely satisfied with our work.


If you feel that your air ducts may be suffering from any clogs or buildups due to pet fur, dander, dust, mold, or any other issues, give us a call today. We are your local and trusted professionals with years of experience here in Houston ready to remove pet fur, dander, and all other contaminants out from your ducts. Our flexible scheduling allows us to provide you with same and next day appointments so that we can take care of you right away.

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