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What are mold spores?

July 18, 2020
What are mold spores?

Houston Air Duct Cleaning is 100% dedicated to making sure all mold is cleaned up and handled with care. Mold spores are hazardous and can make any mold growth worse. You must know how to clean mold properly to avoid further issues. When mold spores are spread throughout a house and they land on moist surfaces, the mold can grow out of control. That is why it is so, so important to make sure you do not spread mold spores by accident when cleaning. Air duct cleaning and other home services can cause mold spores to be spread around the house if you do not take care of everything properly. 

It's important to have a basic understanding of mold so that you know what to do, or not to do when you discover mold in your house. Unfortunately, mold is actually very common and many homeowners aren't even aware of it! Mold can grow under carpeting, under area rugs, on the underside of a counter top, in the walls, or elsewhere. Mold in the HVAC system is especially hazardous because the mold spores can circulate in the air and land throughout the house. You definitely want to make sure you shut off your air conditioner or heater if you are noticing mold in the ducts or on the vent covers. 

Houston Air Duct Cleaning is here to provide you with the most affordable mold remediation, duct cleaning, and other home services. You can rely on us to make sure your house is taken care of properly. For the best prices in the area, we'll clean out all of your air ducts, dryer vent, and other areas that may be affected by mold. Give us a call to schedule your inspection for any mold, necessary cleaning, and related services.

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