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What is a UV light?

July 24, 2020
What is a UV light?

If you are wondering what a UV light is then you've come to the right place. Learn more about why and how we install ultra violet lighting for mold remediation and anti-bacterial solutions for homes! Houston Air Duct Cleaning's UV Light Installations are affordable and perfect if you need to combat mold, kill bacteria, and protect your house. 

A UV lamp uses a special form of light referred to as 'ultra violet light'. This type of lighting is capable of killing bacteria and mold. It's important to understand that ultra violet light has been studied for many years. It's a natural light, but obviously we are capable of manufacturing lamps that can use the light effectively. These are referred to as UV-C lamps. Using the ultra violet light in this way is fantastic because you can ensure any part of your HVAC system or another part of the house is free of mold and bacteria! 

Ultra violet light is a type of electromagnetic radiation (it's safe in small doses) that occurs naturally. It is a spectrum of light between 'visible light' and X-rays. We manipulate this natural light using special lamps that can produce the right type of light. Because of its properties, mold and bacteria doesn't stand a chance! You cannot just point a normal lamp at a table and expect it to kill bacteria, but with a UV-C lamp or other ultra violet lighting you can! 

Call Houston Air Duct Cleaning for the best UV light installations at great prices. We'll visit your home for a free estimate! 

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