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When Should I Change The Air Filter In My Home

July 06, 2020
When Should I Change The Air Filter In My Home

Most people forget to replace their home’s air filter. When you do remember, you should set a scheduled delivery or a reminder on your phone to help you remember. Houston Air Duct Cleaning is here to help you figure out how often you should replace your filter.

How often you should replace your home’s air filter can depend on the type and brand of filter you have, your household size, and how many pets you have. Most air filters you buy will have instructions to replace the filter every 30 to 60 days, however, for allergy sufferers and pet owners, you’ll want to replace the filters more frequently.

At Houston Air Duct Cleaning, we suggest an air filter with a MERV rating between 11 - 13. For more information on MERV ratings, you can check out our previous blog articles. For filters with ideal ratings, here’s a suggested frequency for filter changes:  Vacation Homes - single occupants and no pets or allergies : every 6-12 months Homes with no pets : every 90 days  Homes with one dog or cat : every 60 days  Homes with more than one pet : every 20 - 45 days  Homes where someone suffers from allergies : every 20 - 45 days

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