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When to Clean Dryer Vent

April 27, 2020
When to Clean Dryer Vent

Dryer vents must be cleaned fully to get rid of lint and other debris that build up over time. As you use your dryer machine, you may notice that it takes longer to dry and it may become steamy in the laundry room. To avoid dryer vent fires and other problems, dryer vent cleaning is needed. Learn more about when to clean the dryer vent, and how often.

Dryer Vent Fires

When the dryer vent has lint and other flammable substances in it, there is a huge risk of fire. Research shows that nearly half of dryer fires are because of improper or no cleaning for the dryer vent. This is a huge problem and it must be taken seriously. You need to clean the dryer vent at least once per year to avoid dryer vent fires and keep everything working efficiently. For a fully functional dryer, the vent must be clean so that lint and other debris can go through the ventilation easily and without build ups or blockages. For dryer efficiency to really take effect, the vent should be able to blow air without even minor clogs in the vent or outside screen/cap. A dryer that has blockages will cause little pieces of debris to be exposed to hot, hot air for a long period of time that can start a fire.

When To Clean Dryer Vent

You need to clean your dryer vent when you can see steam or feel hot air escaping the dryer vent because it is blocked by a debris in the vent, or if build ups in the dryer vent connection are preventing air from flowing properly. You must clean the dryer vent if there are obstructions causing the vent to shake or ventilate too slowly. Multiple dryer cycles are a big sign you need dryer vent cleaning.

Dryer Vent Efficiency

When the dryer vent is properly ventilated, hot air can be pushed out, and new hot air can be ran through the clothing. This is what causes it to dry. When the clothes are still wet, the hot air goes through the vent as steam. This is moist air that can lead to condensation if the dryer vent is obstructed. This is a problem because mold or mildew can grow on the wet wall behind your dryer, in the vent, or around the connection - even in your dryer! Once this air does get hot enough, the steam problem will go away, but the risk of fire increases. However, besides all of this, the dryer machine must work harder to dry the clothes because it takes longer. The new hot air going into the dryer cannot escape through the vent, so it causes less hot air and moist air to stay in the dryer. You need dryer vent cleaning to save costs on energy and improve your dryer machine efficiency. 

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