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Why You Need Insulated Air Ducts

April 06, 2020
Why You Need Insulated Air Ducts

Insulated air ducts are a great way to save money by being more energy efficient. While the treated air travels through the ducts, heat is being transferred along the way. This means that your cool air is warming up as it reaches your ducts, which means your air conditioning system is working harder to maintain temperatures in your home.

Most ducts installed in older homes are not insulated. 20% or more of your heat is lost during the distance from your air conditioning unit to your rooms. By adding insulation to your ducts, this can be minimized and more of your treated air will reach your rooms quickly and more efficiently.

Of course, an efficient heating and cooling system also benefits the environment. By using less energy, its carbon footprint is reduced and this has major benefits for our planet. Taking care of yourself, and the environment at the same time is a huge advantage and benefit. 

On uninsulated ducts, condensation can cause rust over time. When ducts get rusty, they need to be replaced. This can get costly. Also, this condensation can cause water to drip from your ducts, which can cause untold damage to whatever is around it. It could even damage the insides of your walls, causing mold and other problems.

Another benefit you will notice with insulated ducts is less noise. The insulation limits the vibrations and quiets down the ducts while air is travelling through it. Not to mention, you won’t hear your heating and cooling system as loudly as you might now. You’ll enjoy quieter time at home and enjoy a much better quality of life with the other benefits insulated ducts will bring.

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