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Will air duct cleaning improve the HVAC efficiency?

January 13, 2020

Air duct cleaning is a maintenance service that should be provided by professional and well trained technicians, the result will be a cleaner air and a better system efficiency. But the question is: does the air duct cleaning process will really give these results? Thats what we will discuss in this post, the reasons why you should have the air duct cleaning service performed for your home.

I will start with telling you that cleaning the air ducts will help with checking and identifying specific problems with the HVAC system. This may help you with taking steps in case needed.

A large amount of dust or other debris in the air ducts are some reasons a homeowner may consider to have the air duct cleaning service done. Cleaning the air ducts and keeping it maintained all the time will make it easier for the air to flow through the air ducts, and will make it easier for the HVAC system to work efficiently.

If there is a major blockage created inside of the air ducts that prevents from the air to flow in the ducts, most likely it will cost you more on your energy bills.

Will Air Duct Cleaning Pay Off?

In case your ducts haven’t been cleaned for a while and now are significantly clogged with dust of other debris, A chance that other parts of the HVAC system are being affected and the efficiency of the A/C system is being effected too. The filters might be heavily clogged and the chances are that the system is working much harder in order to keep your home at the temperature you want. To keep your home stay at the right temperature for you, the air at the house needs to be circulating easily to reach the thermostat in the home. Cleaning the air ducts will improve the efficiency of the A/C system and the air circulation.

Most homeowners don’t have an air duct cleaning service sone unless there is some visible evidence of dirt, mold or mildew, or unless something smells wrong. Thats a big mistake because if you clean the air ducts on a regular basis, once a year, you will never see weird dirt coming out of the ducts and you will never smell weird smell from the air ducts. So basically saving money on a yearly air duct cleaning is wrong because it will just cost you much more later on.

Homeowners should always take necessary steps to keep their air ducts and the whole A/C system working at maximum efficiency.

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